Product Information Management

Product information management, elevated

Create, manage, and publish your product catalogs across multiple online channels from a single PIM platform. Simplify and accelerate the distribution of the right product information to marketplaces and webstores to deliver a compelling multichannel e-commerce experience.

Product Catalogue

Built on the API-driven microservices architecture, Ordazzle’s industry-leading e-commerce Product Information Management (PIM) system eliminates the complexities and delays in logging into each online seller portal individually to upload new products.


Update attributes such as price, products and update attributes such as price, stocks, media, and promotional offers. Ordazzle allows you to upload once, update often the product catalogues across multiple channels, with just a click.


Product Masters & Catalogue

Drive efficiency with unified cloud repository for product catalogues and masters, synced across multiple stores.

Image & Video Management

Showcase products consistently across all online channels with automatic resizing & reformatting.

Multichannel Promotion

Curate and push promotions for any marketplace or webstore seamlessly.


Reservations & Buffers

Reserve inventory for specific promotions. Manage & update buffer stock at SKU levels for each product and channel.

Manage your product masters & catalogues in one place

Powered by the industry-leading API architecture, Ordazzle’s on-cloud product information management system helps unify product data masters, build product catalogues with customisable, channel-specific attributes of SKUs, media, tags, and documentation, and publish on all e-commerce presence seamlessly.

The Ordazzle PIM system eliminates inefficiencies of siloed e-commerce marketplace or webstore management and improves the quality and consistency of product catalogue data across all channels, redefining the customer and seller e-commerce experience alike.

Product Listing
Product Listing

Consolidate and automate your digital media assets

Product Master - Edit Media

Inconsistencies and errors in product imagery across marketplaces or webstores hamper the product branding and customer experience, leading to more returns and lesser sales. Ordazzle's e-commerce product information platform makes it easier to consolidate and manage all product-related unique visual assets as a centralised repository of URLs of videos and images for each product.

The PIM takes care of different image requirements in terms of resolution and automated resizing of assets as per marketplace directives. With Ordazzle, product images and videos can be uploaded just once but updated and listed on respective marketplaces as often, significantly saving time and resources.

Product Master - Edit Media

Drive multichannel promotions & price offers with ease

As each e-commerce portal drives its promotional initiatives, specific promotions need to be uploaded and managed for each marketplace or webstore individually. With scale, this process gets significantly stressed, resulting in several key opportunities lost. Ordazzle offers an in-built promotions engine with PIM that integrates with all available seller portals and matches the promotion capabilities of each channel to push the curated promotions online.

Ordazzle helps create promotion bundled products, reserve stocks, determine the promotion parameters such as offer price, duration, amount or percentage-based discounts, etc., and assign the promotions to sell across online channels. It ensures that you don't worry about the missing inventory for promotion or sale, ever again.

Product Information Management Ordazzle
Product Information Management Ordazzle

Search and manage products better with custom tags

Product Master - View

Ordazzle's e-commerce product platform helps streamline product listings by adding common and customised tags to a wide variety of product types – standard, configurable, batch-controlled, or serialised controlled inventory. These tags allow products to be easily found and filtered to apply specific order rules, as needed.

Ordazzle ensures better visibility and manageability of products despite large volumes and allows better trackability of product listings and order processing. In case of failures, such products can be easily tracked on the system for the user to take appropriate corrective action.

Product Master - View

Product information management, elevated.

Manage your product catalogues & media more efficiently. Ordazzle redefines your e-commerce experience.

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