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Streamline workflows. Eliminate errors. Improve visibility. Scale your e-commerce operations and grow your online retail business like never before.

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Effortlessly manage and scale your multi-channel e-commerce business in one place with Ordazzle. Right from order management to product information to multi-channel management to seamless promotions to unified inventory to integrated logistics, and to best-in-class API management.
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Ordazzle is an integrated and extensible platform that helps e-commerce and omni-channel businesses achieve their true potential. It synchronises with a multitude of marketplaces, webstores, and logistics providers to help smartly manage any size of e-commerce business. Ordazzle helps manage new products and catalogues with flexible attributes, images, videos, inventory, and promotion & price updates. Handling many nodes across countries and allocating and routing orders to the right nodes Ordazzle ensures that the right products reach the right customers at the right time & cost.

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E-commerce management, elevated.

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