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Omni Channel Management System, elevated

Simplify the process of selling online across multi-channel marketplaces or webstores. Get a complete view of orders, inventory, products, promotions, and SLAs across your online channels on a single platform in real-time using our omnichannel management solutions. Your multi-channel marketplace management, elevated.

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Ordazzle's e-commerce omni channel management system offers preconfigured integrations to multiple marketplaces and webstores across various countries on a single platform to help you drive efficiency in fulfilling orders and reducing time and efforts to grow your online business.


Comprehensive individual APIs have been built into Ordazzle’s online channel management module, creating smooth interfaces with different marketplaces like Amazon, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, BliBli, Tokopedia, etc. as well as webstores like Magento and Shopify.

Power of Marketplace Management: Revolutionizing Omnichannel Management


Multiple Shop Management

Combine orders from all online stores on to a single interface for easy management.

Marketplace Inventory Sync

Track inventory across all e-commerce channels to get a live view of the availability of all products.

Product & Price Listing

Products, stocks, prices, and orders created in Ordazzle are synced in real-time with the integrated channels.

Price & Promotion Sync

Pre-built integrations allow you to update, promote and sell your products on every channel that matters.

Comprehensive Omnichannel Solution For Marketplace Management

Manage your marketplaces or webstores in one place

Ordazzle provides a powerful channel management system that enables seamless omni-channel management and offers omnichannel solutions to simplify your marketplace management. Ordazzle's channel management system offers pre-configured e-commerce integrations, connecting multiple marketplaces and webstores across different countries into a unified platform.

This comprehensive solution combines products, stocks, orders, and price listings from all integrated marketplaces and webstores onto a single, convenient interface. With full visibility across channels, Ordazzle allows you to efficiently handle and fulfill orders, ensuring you never miss any sales opportunity. Our stack of comprehensive APIs facilitates seamless integration with a wide variety of marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Zalora, Shopee, BliBli, Tokopedia, as well as webstores like Magento and Shopify.

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Consolidate inventory information from all channels

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Ordazzle's channel management capabilities and seamless integrations with multiple e-commerce channels address the unique requirements of each marketplace and webstore. This facilitates easy synchronization of crucial information, including product catalogs, pricing, promotions, inventory, and orders across all integrated platforms.

Ordazzle provides a comprehensive and cohesive view of order fulfillment or cancellation status, stock availability at nodes, logistics, and reverse logistics. By offering order-wise reconciliation of charges, discounts, and expected amounts compared to the actual payout for each order, Ordazzle helps you avoid over/under stocking of inventory, reducing order fulfillment delays and enhancing brand loyalty.

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Single source of truth for product and price listings

Ordazzle’s pre-built e-commerce integrations that connect your online sales channels to a single interface enable you to better organise, optimise, promote, and measure the efficacy of your product listings across multiple marketplaces or webstores. The automated synchronisation process enables easy and correct listing of products and their pricing using the in-built platforms, such as product information management (PIM), order management, inventory management, available on Ordazzle.

With the single version of truth for products and pricing listings being synced across all the e-commerce sales channels, Ordazzle empowers you to be fully compliant to the marketplace SLAs, respond faster to market, and gain the much-needed agility and flexibility to adapt to changing needs of different marketplaces.

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Sync price and promotions seamlessly to grow sales

With Ordazzle's channel management system, you can seamlessly synchronize products, stocks, and price listings across all online channels. The platform also provides visibility into available promotions, allowing you to determine relevant price discounts for different channels. Ordazzle's in-built promotions engine efficiently pushes promotions to any marketplace, ensuring full synchronization with each platform's promotional capabilities. By streamlining the process of syncing relevant information for successful promotions, Ordazzle empowers you to orchestrate promotion strategies in alignment with available promotions on all platforms.

Ordazzle's channel management system offers an all-in-one solution for omnichannel management, empowering businesses to efficiently handle marketplaces and webstores, consolidate inventory information, maintain accurate product and price listings, and synchronize promotions seamlessly to drive sales growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is omni channel management system?

An omnichannel management system is a tool that helps businesses handle their various communication and sales channels in one organized system. This system, also known as omnichannel management, it helps companies interact with customers consistently across platforms like websites, social media, and physical stores.

It ensures seamless customer experiences by integrating these channels and managing interactions efficiently. Additionally, it can enable businesses to sell on different online marketplaces efficiently. Simply put, it’s like having a single control center to manage all the ways a business talks to and sells to customers, making things easier and better for both the business and its customers.

What is the purpose of a multi-channel marketing system?

The purpose of a multi-channel marketing system is to reach and connect with customers in various ways. It helps businesses use different methods, like websites, social media, and stores, to communicate with people.

An omni-channel management system combines all these ways, ensuring customers get the same experience everywhere. This kind of system is called an omnichannel solution. In simple words, a multi-channel marketing system lets businesses be where their customers are, making it easy for everyone to know about and buy their products.

What are the benefits of a channel management system?

A channel management system helps people in many good ways. It makes things easier when selling products. You can put all your products in one place and control them easily. This system also helps with bookings and orders, so you don’t miss any.

It talks with different websites where you sell things and updates all at once. This saves time and stops mistakes. Also, you can see what’s happening with your sales in one spot. This helps you make good choices about what to do next. So, this system makes selling and keeping everything organized simple and better.

What are the unique features of Ordazzle’s omni-channel management system?

Ordazzle’s omni-channel management system stands out due to its distinct features. 


  • It helps businesses handle their operations seamlessly across various platforms. 
  • It lets companies manage online and offline sales in one place, making things simple. 
  • The system offers real-time inventory updates, aiding in accurate stock monitoring. 
  • Its customer support feature ensures consistent assistance through all channels, boosting customer satisfaction. Ordazzle’s system also allows personalized marketing, tailoring promotions to individual preferences.
  • Lastly, its data analytics tool helps in understanding customer behavior, aiding in informed decisions. 

In summary, Ordazzle’s omni-channel system streamlines operations, provides customer-centric services and utilizes data for strategic growth.

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