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Inventory Control Management System, elevated

Maximize efficiency with Ordazzle’s best-in-class inventory management software. Our system ensures real-time monitoring, control, and optimization across all nodes. Seamlessly integrate with marketplaces and webstores, minimizing revenue losses with a unified view of inventory. Trust our ecommerce inventory management to deliver the right products, at the right place, and at the right time. Experience the power of multi-channel inventory control with our cutting-edge solution.

Unified Inventory

With Ordazzle e-commerce inventory management system, get complete visibility into allocated inventory, reserved inventory, reorder point, and buffer stock positions at each node level on a single interface.


This real-time availability of unified inventory data empowers the smart order routing system to determine the most appropriate node for order fulfillment.

Optimize Inventory Control Operations: Ecommerce Inventory Management System


Multi-Node Management

Consolidate stock data in real-time from across multiple fulfilment.

Unified Inventory Visibility

Ensure your inventory data across channels is accurate and updated.

Pick, Pack & Ship

Intelligently route orders from multiple webstores & marketplaces.

Stock In, Stock Out

Configure nodes for fulfilment and SKU reorder rules for each marketplace or webstore.

Efficient E-Commerce Operations with E-Commerce Inventory Management Software

Unify inventory data across multiple nodes & warehouse

Ordazzle's comprehensive inventory management software offers a robust inventory control system, unifying data across multiple nodes, warehouses, and stores to streamline e-commerce inventory management efficiently.

Ordazzle's inventory management system maintains real-time stock-in, stock-out, and allocated inventory data for all channels and products. This includes vital information like brand, catalog, tags, and amounts, ensuring a consolidated view across all nodes, warehouses, and stores. With this unified inventory, customers can easily monitor allocation, rejection, reservation, and inspection statuses for every SKU at multiple nodes, enabling seamless stock adjustments and restocking as needed.

Unified Inventory
Unified Inventory

Sync real-time inventory data across all channels

Ordazzle Product Management Software

Ordazzle's inventory management system automatically publishes available inventory to marketplaces and webstores, ensuring that the data is constantly up-to-date. The platform synchronizes inventory data in real-time, maximizing sales by efficiently utilizing available inventory across all nodes and channels.

Ordazzle has capabilities to real time synchronize the inventory data with marketplaces and Webstores which helps you to maximise the sales with the available inventory across all nodes.

Ordazzle Product Management Software

Drive results with Smart Order Routing

Using Ordazzle's inventory control management features, businesses can set up nodes and fulfillment points strategically to manage deliveries and collections effectively. The system utilizes location and postal code masters to determine serviceable locations within nodes for various stock locations, including approved, inspected, or rejected stock. Seamless e-commerce integration with logistics providers enables efficient exchange of information, ensuring timely shipments from the most appropriate nodes.

Seamless e-commerce integration with logistics providers enables Ordazzle to allow you to exchange information with the logistics providers to inform them when products are ready to be shipped from your most appropriate nodes.

Unified Inventory
Unified Inventory

Allocate, split, and bundle inventory efficiently

Unified Inventory

Ordazzle's inventory management system automatically publishes available inventory to marketplaces and webstores, considering inventory reserved for specific channels and promotions. With efficient inventory control, businesses can store only the necessary SKUs at fulfillment centers, preventing over or under-provisioning. The platform allows the establishment of inventory reorder rules at the SKU level, while also enabling the creation of product bundles and multipack listings for promotions. These promotions are automatically disabled when their offers expire, maintaining accuracy in product listings.

Ordazzle provides one of the best multi-channel inventory management solutions, offering seamless e-commerce inventory management across various nodes, real-time synchronization of inventory data, efficient order routing, and intelligent allocation, splitting, and bundling of inventory for optimal results.

Unified Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is inventory control system?

An inventory control system is a tool used to manage and organize a company’s products or goods. It helps businesses keep track of what they have in stock and what they need to reorder. This system can be managed through inventory management software or an inventory management system, which are designed to streamline the process.

It’s crucial for maintaining optimal stock levels, preventing overstocking or understocking, and ensuring efficient operations. For online businesses, e-commerce inventory management and multi-channel inventory management are essential to track products across various platforms. The best inventory management software offers features like real-time updates, sales forecasting, and order tracking, enhancing overall inventory control management for businesses.

What is the major challenge in inventory management?

The biggest problem in managing inventory is keeping the right amount of items available. If you have too much, it costs money to store and might go to waste.

If you have too little, customers get upset as they can’t buy what they want. This balancing act is hard because it depends on lots of things like sales patterns, supplier delays, and seasonal changes.

Good inventory management needs accurate forecasting, knowing when to reorder, and having a system to track what comes in and goes out. If these things aren’t done well, a business might lose money and customers.

Technology can help with better tracking and predicting, but human decision-making is still vital. Communication is also key; different departments like sales and purchasing need to share information to avoid overstock or stockouts. In short, finding the right balance between supply and demand, using data smartly, and having smooth teamwork are all crucial challenges in inventory management.

What is the importance of inventory management system for a business?

An inventory management system is very important for a business. It helps the business keep track of the things it has to sell or use online (e-commerce) or in different places (multi-channel).

The system helps the business know how much of each item it has. This is good because the business can avoid having too much or too little of something. Having too much can tie up money that could be used for other things. Having too little can make customers unhappy and cause them to go to another business. The best inventory management software helps with all of this.

In e-commerce, inventory management software is like a helper. It keeps track of what’s in stock and what’s sold. This is important because it keeps the business running smoothly.

What is the main purpose of multi channel inventory management software?

The main reason for using multi-channel inventory management software is to help people handle their products and stock more easily. This type of software is used by businesses that sell things through various channels like online stores, physical shops, and more. It helps them keep track of how much stuff they have, where it is, and when they need to reorder more.

With this software, people can avoid selling products they don’t have, which makes customers happier. It also stops them from having too much of something and wasting money. The software lets people see their inventory across different places they sell things, so they can manage everything from one place. This saves time and makes things less confusing.

It organizes products, keeps stock in check, and lets people sell without worries.

It’s all about making sure businesses have the right stuff at the right time in the right places.

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