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Elevate Your Operations with Product Information Management Software

Efficiently handle your products with our comprehensive product management software and system. Streamline the entire process, from creation to publication, using a centralized Product Information Management (PIM) platform. Speed up and simplify the distribution of accurate product information to various online channels, including marketplaces and webstores.

Product Catalogue

Built on the API-driven microservices architecture, Ordazzle’s industry-leading e-commerce Product Information Management (PIM) system eliminates the complexities and delays in logging into each online seller portal individually to upload new products.


Update attributes such as price, products and update attributes such as price, stocks, media, and promotional offers. Ordazzle allows you to upload once, update often the product catalogues across multiple channels, with just a click.

Organize, Centralize, Succeed: Product Management Software Solutions


Product Masters & Catalogue

Drive efficiency with unified cloud repository for product catalogues and masters, synced across multiple stores.

Image & Video Management

Showcase products consistently across all online channels with automatic resizing & reformatting.

Multichannel Promotion

Curate and push promotions for any marketplace or webstore seamlessly.


Reservations & Buffers

Reserve inventory for specific promotions. Manage & update buffer stock at SKU levels for each product and channel.

Elevate Product Oversight with a Dynamic Product Information Management System

Manage your product masters & catalogues in one place

Ordazzle's advanced on-cloud product information management system provides a powerful solution for efficiently managing product masters and catalogs, streamlining digital media assets, and driving multichannel promotions with ease. Ordazzle's product information management (PIM) system, supported by an industry-leading API architecture, offers a centralized platform to unify product data masters and build customizable product catalogs with channel-specific attributes.

This enables seamless publishing across all e-commerce channels, eliminating the inefficiencies of managing separate siloed marketplaces or webstores. The PIM system enhances the quality and consistency of product catalog data across all channels, creating a unified and improved e-commerce experience for both customers and sellers.

product information management software
product information management software

Consolidate and automate your digital media assets

product information management system

With Ordazzle's e-commerce product information platform, consolidating and managing digital media assets becomes effortless. The system centralizes all product-related visual assets, such as images and videos, as a repository of URLs for each product. It takes care of image requirements, including resolution and automated resizing, adhering to marketplace directives.

By allowing product images and videos to be uploaded once and automatically updated on respective marketplaces, Ordazzle saves valuable time and resources while ensuring consistent product branding and an enhanced customer experience.

product information management system

Drive multichannel promotions & price offers with ease

Ordazzle's in-built promotions engine integrated with PIM simplifies the process of creating and managing multichannel promotions and price offers. Instead of managing promotions individually for each marketplace or webstore, Ordazzle's solution matches the promotion capabilities of each channel to push curated promotions online seamlessly.

Businesses can create bundled products, reserve stocks, set promotion parameters (e.g., offer price, duration, discounts), and assign promotions to sell across multiple online channels. With Ordazzle, missing inventory for promotions or sales becomes a thing of the past.

Ordazzle Product management software
Ordazzle Product management software

Search and manage products better with custom tags

Product Master - View

Ordazzle's e-commerce product platform enhances product listings by adding common and custom tags to different types of products, including standard, configurable, batch-controlled, or serialized controlled inventory. These tags enable easy product discovery and filtering, allowing specific order rules to be applied as needed.

Ordazzle ensures better visibility, manageability, and trackability of products, even with large volumes, facilitating efficient order processing and corrective actions in case of any issues. Ordazzle's product information management software provides a comprehensive solution to manage product masters, catalogs, digital media assets, and multichannel promotions seamlessly, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of your e-commerce business.

Product Master - View

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a product management software do?

A product management software helps businesses by streamlining various aspects of product handling. This software efficiently manages product catalog, aiding in organizing and updating product information seamlessly. It also assists in inventory tracking, which makes sure of accurate stock availability. This in turn helps business in avoiding over or under stocking.

Moreover, businesses can enhance collaboration between marketing, sales, and procurement departments by centralizing communication among teams with the help of product management software.

Is product management software suitable for different industries and company sizes?

Yes, a product management system is indeed suitable for a wide range of industries and company sizes. This versatile software helps businesses efficiently plan, develop, and market their products throughout their lifecycle. The basic principles of product management remain consistent regardless of the industry, whether it’s technology, healthcare, manufacturing, or services.

For larger enterprises, a product management software assists in managing complex portfolios, aligning various departments, and maintaining a unified vision.

Medium-sized companies can use the software to coordinate cross-functional teams, optimize product roadmaps, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Smaller businesses can streamline their limited resources, prioritize features, and adapt quickly to changes in market demand with the help of product information management software.

What information is stored in a product information management ?

A Product Information Management (PIM) system stores comprehensive data about products in a centralized system. This includes detailed product descriptions, specifications, pricing, images, videos, and other relevant information.

Product Management systems facilitate efficient organization and distribution of product data across omni channels, such as e-commerce websites, catalogs, and marketplaces. They ensure consistency and accuracy in product presentation, aiding businesses in maintaining brand integrity and enhancing customer experience.

With a PIM system, companies can streamline product updates, track inventory levels, and manage product lifecycles effectively, leading to improved operational efficiency and better decision-making in the realm of product management.

What are the key features of product information management software?

Product Information Management (PIM) software is a vital component of a comprehensive product management system. It offers key features which are designed to streamline and optimize product data handling.

These include centralized data storage, enabling ecommerce businesses to manage and update product information consistently across various channels.

With the help of PIM systems, businesses can add detailed descriptions, images, and specification to existing products. They also support data categorization and taxonomy management, ensuring accurate and organized product classification.

Furthermore, PIM software enhances collaboration by allowing teams to work on the same platform, leading to better data accuracy and faster time-to-market for products.

What is the purpose of Product Information Management?

Product Information Management (PIM) serves as a centralized solution to effectively organize, enrich, and distribute product data across various channels. The purpose of a product information management system is to streamline the process of collecting, managing, and updating product information, including descriptions, images, specifications, and pricing.

By maintaining accurate and consistent data, PIM enhances customer experiences by delivering coherent information across different touchpoints, such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and catalogs. This results in improved product visibility, reduced errors, faster time-to-market, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

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