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Ordazzle pricing models

Ordazzle offers three types of pricing plans.

Each pricing plan is designed to help you achieve your e-commerce goals, with the best solution possible, for your type of business.

Shared risk & reward

Result-based partnership approach.

No upfront subscription, baseline fees, cost of cloud management or support

We charge you on the revenue transacted on Ordazzle, based on your GMV.

Available in monthly or yearly format.

Fixed fee structure

Mutually-agreed fixed fee charged at a fixed rate.

The cost of platform, management, maintenance, and support is included.

Fixed fee for the agreed duration based on the expected orders/revenue and products.

Available in monthly or yearly format.

Enterprise private cloud

Special plans suited to large enterprise needs.

Ordazzle runs on your own private cloud or on a private cloud hosted and managed by us.

Mutually-agreed pricing based on customized solutions addressing specific needs.

Available in monthly or yearly format.

To know more, connect with us

Our pricing models have been designed to effectively meet the needs of all types of e-commerce businesses. Choose the one that suits your business the best.

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