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Robust E-commerce Order Management System and Software Solution

Enhance Efficiency: Utilize our E-commerce Order Management System (OMS) for precise and effective order fulfillment. Streamline workflows in real-time, sync inventory, manage logistics, and meet SLAs across all your e-commerce channels. Make data-driven decisions seamlessly with our comprehensive order management software solution.

Order Rules

Fulfill your orders across marketplaces or webstores quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Scale your e-commerce operations with our Online E-commerce order management system and grow your online business like never before.

Elevate Operations with Our E-commerce Order Management System (OMS)


Order Receiving Rules

Set up rules to automatically accept, hold or reject orders across online sales channels, based on various parameters.

Smart Order Routing

Intelligently route orders from multiple webstores & marketplaces to the most appropriate nodes across various locations, automatically.

Order Process & Execution

Pick, pack, label, and ship your orders across channels from a single screen. Control order allocation and handle exceptions with ease.

Order Returns & Cancels

Manage returns and cancellations by planning reverse logistics, handling QC checks, and updating stock adjustments automatically.

Optimizing Efficiency: The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce Order Management Software

Make order receiving more efficient with logic

Ordazzle offers an advanced online E-Commerce order management system (OMS), providing an efficient order management solution powered by intelligent APIs to streamline order processing and ensure customer delight.

Ordazzle's OMS allows you to define order acceptance logic based on various factors such as delivery mode, payment mode, order value, postal code, order status, and fulfillment mode. This intelligent system automatically validates orders across all your marketplaces or webstores, reducing manual intervention and minimizing human errors. With customizable rules, your order workflows can quickly adapt to changing business environments, enabling seamless scaling.

Once set up, qualified orders flow smoothly from your marketplaces and webstores, simplifying order allocation and routing processes.

Order Processing
Order Processing

Drive results with smart order routing

Smart Order Routing

Ordazzle's OMS includes Smart Order Routing, ensuring compliance with SLAs by determining the most effective way to fulfill orders.

The system considers factors like node distance from the end customer, stock levels, node ownership, and revenue share to determine the best nodes for order fulfillment.

By applying smart logic defined by you, Ordazzle automatically allocates orders to the most suitable warehouse or store, ensuring timely deliveries.

Smart Order Routing

Ensure customer delight with seamless order processing

Successful order execution in e-commerce relies on maintaining an optimum inventory turnover ratio, minimizing order fulfillment mistakes, and meeting customer SLAs.

Ordazzle's OMS streamlines the entire order processing workflow, from order receiving to delivery, with remarkable reliability and accuracy.

Through smart API integrations, the system consolidates product information and order progress across multiple systems, providing real-time updates on order status, from picking and packing to labeling, shipping, or cancellations.

Order Processing
Order Processing
Order Acceptance Ordazzle

Order Acceptance

Ordazzle accepts orders based on pre-determined business rules.

Best Node Allocation

Best Node Allocation

Ordazzle smartly determines the best nodes to fulfil your orders, split order execution, and meet SLA.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Ordazzle enables your team to make decisions collaboratively through its in-platform communications module.

Logistics Integration

Logistics Integration

Ordazzle integrates with logistics systems to print shipping labels or generate manifests.

Manage order returns and cancellations

Sales Return

Ordazzle's OMS introduces transparency and efficiency in the e-commerce returns management process. It effectively handles order returns or buyer/seller order cancellations by planning reverse logistics, managing quality checks, and updating return settlements.

Whether it's a return-to-origin (RTO) due to delivery failure or a customer-initiated return (CIR), Ordazzle enables you to minimize future return rates through detailed reports for in-depth analysis.

Ordazzle offers a comprehensive eCommerce order management software that empowers businesses to optimize and automate order processing, routing, and returns management, resulting in a seamless and delightful customer experience.

Sales Return

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online E-commerce order management system works?

An online e-commerce order management system (OMS) is a solution that helps businesses handle the entire process of receiving, processing, and fulfilling customer orders in their e-commerce stores. The OMS order management system efficiently organizes the various steps involved, enhancing customer satisfaction.

When a customer places an order on the E-commerce website, the OMS kicks in. First, it captures the order details like products, quantities, and shipping address. Then, it communicates with the inventory system to verify product availability. Once confirmed, the order management solution updates the order status and sends a confirmation to the customer.

Next, the E-commerce order management software coordinates with shipping carriers to generate labels and track shipments. It also manages returns and exchanges, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Throughout this process, the OMS keeps the customer informed by sending status updates via email or the website.

In essence, an online E-commerce order management system streamlines the entire order journey, from purchase to delivery. This not only boosts operational efficiency but also enhances customer trust and loyalty, making it a vital tool for successful e-commerce businesses.

How can oms order management system improve the order processing?

Firstly, an OMS centralizes order data, reducing errors caused by manual entry and improving accuracy. It helps track inventory levels, preventing overselling and ensuring timely restocking. Additionally, the system automates order routing, assigning orders to the most suitable fulfillment center, which speeds up delivery times.

An OMS facilitates real-time order tracking, allowing customers to monitor their orders’ progress, which boosts their satisfaction and trust in the brand. The system also aids in personalized communication, sending order confirmations and shipping updates, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

By integrating with various sales channels and marketplaces, an OMS ensures consistent order management across platforms. This leads to improved operational efficiency and better utilization of resources. Ultimately, an OMS empowers businesses to handle higher order volumes seamlessly, reduce processing times, minimize errors, and deliver a smoother end-to-end buying experience.

What is order management solution?

An order management solution, often referred to as an OMS (Order Management System), is a tool used in online e-commerce to efficiently handle and process customer orders. This software helps businesses streamline their order processes, from the moment a customer places an order to the final delivery. An OMS order management system acts as a central hub where orders from various sales channels, such as websites and marketplaces, are collected and managed.

The main purpose of an order management solution is to optimize the entire order lifecycle. This includes order creation, inventory management, payment processing, order fulfillment, and shipment tracking. E-commerce order management software ensures that orders are processed accurately and promptly, reducing errors and delays. This ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In essence, an order management solution serves as a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to manage their online sales effectively. It provides a holistic view of all orders, inventory levels, and customer information. By integrating an order management solution into their operations, e-commerce businesses can enhance their ability to meet customer demands, streamline their processes, and grow successfully.

What are the key features in online order management system?

Key features of such a system include order tracking, inventory management, and customer communication.


  • Order tracking allows businesses to monitor the status of orders from placement to delivery. 
  • Inventory management helps keep track of available products, preventing overselling or stockouts. This ensures that customers get accurate information about product availability.
  • Customer communication features enable businesses to keep buyers informed about order progress and shipping details, enhancing the overall shopping experience. 
  • Additionally, the system often supports multiple payment gateways, offering customers various payment options.


  • An e-commerce order management solution aids in automating routine tasks, reducing errors and saving time. 
  • These systems can integrate with other e-commerce platforms, creating a seamless experience for both customers and businesses. 


Overall, an effective online order management system enhances customer satisfaction, streamlines operations, and contributes to a successful e-commerce business.

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