Order Management System

Order management, elevated

Make data-driven decisions to fulfil orders accurately and effectively. Streamline workflows across your e-commerce channels in real-time, sync inventory, manage logistics, and meet all your SLAs.

Order Rules

Fulfill your orders across marketplaces or webstores quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Scale your e-commerce operations and grow your online business like never before.


Order Receiving Rules

Set up rules to automatically accept, hold or reject orders across online sales channels, based on various parameters.

Smart Order Routing

Intelligently route orders from multiple webstores & marketplaces to the most appropriate nodes across various locations, automatically.

Order Process & Execution

Pick, pack, label, and ship your orders across channels from a single screen. Control order allocation and handle exceptions with ease.

Order Returns & Cancels

Manage returns and cancellations by planning reverse logistics, handling QC checks, and updating stock adjustments automatically.

Make order receiving more efficient with logic

Powered by intelligent APIs, Ordazzle helps you define your order acceptance logic based on several factors, such as delivery mode, payment mode, order value, postal code, order status, fulfilment mode etc. to validate orders across your marketplaces or webstores automatically.

Ordazzle enables you to reduce manual intervention, and in turn, human error, by implementing rules to manage your order workflows that can quickly adapt to changing business environments and help you scale.

Once these rules are set up, qualified orders stream in smoothly from your marketplaces and webstores, making order allocation and routing much easier.

Order Processing
Order Processing

Drive results with smart order routing

Smart Order Routing

It is essential for e-commerce brands to consistently comply with their SLAs by determining the most effective way to fulfill an order.

Ordazzle’s Smart Order Routing allows you to determine the best nodes to fulfill the order from, based on various factors such as node distance from the end customer, stock levels, node ownership, and node revenue share.

Ordazzle then automatically determines where each order should be allocated to, applying smart logic set by you to choose the best warehouse or store to make the delivery on time.

Smart Order Routing

Ensure customer delight with seamless order processing

Successful order execution in the e-commerce space is determined by three key factors – maintaining an optimum inventory turnover ratio, eliminating mistakes in fulfilling orders, and meeting customer SLAs.

Ordazzle helps you streamline the workflow from order receiving to delivery with remarkable reliability and accuracy and allows you scale with ease.

With smart API integrations, Ordazzle consolidates information about products and the progress of orders across multiple systems. It allows you to know in real-time whether these orders have been picked, packed, labeled, shipped or canceled or are being returned.

Order Processing
Order Processing
Order Acceptance Ordazzle

Order Acceptance

Ordazzle accepts orders based on pre-determined business rules.

Best Node Allocation

Best Node Allocation

Ordazzle smartly determines the best nodes to fulfil your orders, split order execution, and meet SLA.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Ordazzle enables your team to make decisions collaboratively through its in-platform communications module.

Logistics Integration

Logistics Integration

Ordazzle integrates with logistics systems to print shipping labels or generate manifests.

Manage order returns and cancellations

Sales Return

Ordazzle introduces complete transparency and helps optimize and automate the e-commerce returns management process.

It manages order returns or buyer/seller order cancellations by planning reverse logistics, handling QC checks, and updating the return settlement.

Whether it's a return-to-origin (RTO) in case of delivery failure or a customer-initiated return (CIR), Ordazzle enables you to minimize the future rate of return by offering detailed reports for deep-dive analysis.

Sales Return

Order management, elevated.

Manage your orders more efficiently. Ordazzle redefines your e-commerce experience.

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