Omnichannel Solution

Unlocking Performance and Efficiency with Ordazzle: The Ultimate Omnichannel Solution

    1. What is an Omnichannel Solution?
    2. How Ordazzle’s Omnichannel Solution Lets You Unlock True Efficiency and Performance?
    3. Parting Thoughts

What is an Omnichannel Solution?

An omnichannel solution is a software platform that connects all of your marketing channels and tools to create a cost-effective, efficient medium to deliver a seamless cross-channel experience. 

Approximately 70% of customers want to interact with your brand on more than one channel. With omnichannel ecommerce and retail software, all of these interactions get linked. It enables customers to shop wherever and whenever it is most convenient, whether that’s on the mobile, in-app, web, or in-store.

On the back end, it allows brands to streamline their inventory, order, stock, and logistics management. The result? Better customer experience, customer retention, granular insights, and ultimately, more revenue. 

That’s why many of these companies have dedicated omnichannel software to organize the chaos from multiple channels. In this blog, we’ll discuss how Ordazzle’s omnichannel management capabilities can take your business performance to the next level.

How Ordazzle’s Omnichannel Solution Lets You Unlock True Efficiency and Performance?

Sellers today need a robust management system to handle the growing order volumes, especially in an omnichannel context. With the right omnichannel platform, however, you can consolidate all of your inventory, logistics, and order processes in one place. 

This allows customers to view the product from one channel, order from another, and cancel from the third. That’s the kind of seamlessness Ordazzle brings to the table. 

Here are some of the unique benefits you get from omnichannel eCommerce solutions.



As you add more touchpoints, manually executing strategies spanning multiple channels can become challenging. To add oil to the fire, customer needs are seldom static. In such dynamic scenarios, the legacy systems fail to cope. 

Since all marketing today is data-driven, manually segmenting the customers can be time and resource-intensive, not to mention, quite prone to errors. Ordazzle’s omnichannel solution bypasses all these problems with its automation capabilities. 

Now, you can segment customers, deploy customer journeys across all channels at scale, and run marketing campaigns without hassle!

In short, Ordazzle helps you deliver personalized customer experiences across the sales funnel.

2. Cross-Channel Visibility

Ordazzle’s omnichannel management solution allows you to consolidate operations across all channels and stores to create a more efficient and streamlined workflow. This comprehensive visibility is especially important when it comes to inventory and stock management. 

Your inventory must be in sync (in real-time) across all offline and online sales channels. Any failure to do so can cause backorders, stockouts, and overselling – all of which can lead to lost sales opportunities and customer frustration. 

Ordazzle’s marketplace management prevents such scenarios, among many of its other benefits, which include: 

  • Inventory allocation to specific channels
  • Updated inventory for every channel
  • Automated backorders and preorders
  • Safety stock down to the SKU level

According to McKinsey, reducing overstocks and stock-outs can bring down inventory costs by 10%. With Ordazzle’s capabilities, you can save on the inventory cost and improve profitability.

3. Business Intelligence and Analysis

From the moment customers land on your product page till they place their order, their interaction generates valuable data that omnichannel solutions can crunch to provide you with a complete picture of your buyer. 

There is a wealth of information to be collected, including their offline and online sales history, purchase preferences, and much more. This allows you to provide personalized shopping experiences that turn your customers into loyal advocates. 

And, as we all know, a loyal customer will not only be willing to pay a premium price but will also insist on others shopping from you as well.

With the data, you can dig into the details of how your supply chain and logistics infrastructure are functioning and uncover any additional areas of improvement that can streamline operations further. 

For example, you can monitor and measure KPIs such as:

  • Average order value
  • Sales by month
  • Order/sales by day
  • Return rate
  • Orders by location

Monitoring such key metrics allows you to continually improve customer experience, look for efficiencies, and optimize processes.

4. Strategic Routing

Ordazzle’s omnichannel management systems will provide strategic routing functionalities to ensure orders are fulfilled in the most resource and cost-efficient manner. 

It will evaluate all the backend shipping options and select the best solution for you. This accommodates multiple store shipping options, warehouses, and distribution centres automatically.

But it’s more than just about the closest location. Strategic routing with Ordazzle also evaluates priorities, capacities, and contractual obligations, amongst other cost-saving rules.

5. Consolidated Customer Service

Ordazzle’s omnichannel solution provides a unified view of all touchpoints across all channels. This particular functionality allows customer support teams to provide better experiences to customers, as all information is present on one platform. They no longer have to struggle to find the relevant data and keep the customer waiting. 

Moreover, many customer support functions can also be automated with omnichannel management software, such as self-service returns, which saves money and time.

Parting Thoughts

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of ecommerce and retail isn’t easy.

Today, an increasing number of brands are exploring the benefits of omnichannel retail to optimize both offline and online channels and improve customer service. 

Making your own shift from single to multiple channels will be worth your time and effort, but it’s easier said than done. 

Let Ordazzle accompany you on this effort with our state-of-the-art ecommerce management systems, designed to streamline, optimize, and expand your operations. Ultimately, it all translates to better visibility, tracking, and, most importantly, control. 

Embrace the new revolution in commerce. Connect with us right away and see how our omnichannel solution works.