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Ordazzle: The Answer to India’s Growing Demand for Efficient e-Commerce Solutions

    1. What services does Ordazzle provide?
    2. Features of Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions
    3. What Technology Does Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions Use?
    4. Expand Your Business Footprint with Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions

For many years, consumer behavior has been progressively shifting online. As a result, many retailers have been increasingly embracing digital touchpoints and channels 

There’s no doubt that retailers will continue to incorporate digital strategies into their sales plans. Now, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. The right one involves having the right technologies in place. Yes, we are talking about e-Commerce solutions like order and inventory management systems.

e-Commerce management solutions are important because they help you standardize your approach to selling products online. You can track what works, modify what doesn’t, and keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. 

Growing e-Commerce and retail businesses benefit from adopting management tools because they can bring structure and trackability to their day-to-day operations.

That’s where Ordazzle comes into the fold. As a premium e-Commerce solutions provider, it can provide burgeoning Indian businesses with control and scalability that no other provider can provide. 

Soon setting a base in India, Ordazzle is fully equipped to answer the growing needs of retail and omnichannel businesses in India. Read on to learn more about our platform.

What services does Ordazzle provide?

Ordazzle is a cloud-native e-Commerce management platform that e-Commerce and omnichannel businesses can leverage to streamline the process of selling online and optimize every aspect of the value chain.

From the product launch to order fulfillment, Ordazzle improves profitability, efficiency, and agility, irrespective of your business’s size. It’s a catalyst for success and growth in the fast-evolving e-Commerce space, helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.

Ordazzle’s e-Commerce solutions empower both retail and online brands during high-traffic and high-volume seasons, like India’s many festive seasons, with advanced inventory management. With our platform, you can leverage cutting-edge predictive technology to ensure accurate demand forecasting and minimize instances of overstocking and understocking.

Moreover, our inventory tracking provides real-time insights, preventing stockouts and keeping customer satisfaction levels high. With a platform that seamlessly integrates multiple channels, from physical storefronts to online marketplaces, you can deliver a consistent customer experience that never falters or fails.

Specifically, Ordazzle’s platform provides an e-Commerce order management system, channel management, API Management, inventory management, and logistics management.

Features of Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions

Ordazzle’s e-Commerce SolutionsOrdazzle comes with a slew of functionalities that can make your life easier and help you:

  • Build your brand power – With Ordazzle, you get updated, consistent, and relevant product information across all e-Commerce channels.
  • Delight your customers – You can always meet all your delivery SLAs with your webstores and marketplaces and keep delighting your customers.
  • Improve Revenue – You can reduce stockouts thanks to real-time inventory availability across channels and nodes.
  • Manage costs – You can process all orders and returns promptly and accurately.
  • Improve Margins – You can reconcile your accounts with all marketplaces with a single click.
  • Scale in peace – With Ordazzle’s e-Commerce solutions, you can seamlessly handle up to 5 million orders per customer per day.
  • Stay Secured – With Google Cloud Armour, PCI and GDPR compliance, and end-to-end data encryption, your customer and product data is as protected as possible.

What Technology Does Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions Use?

One of the reasons Ordazzle is considered the best inventory management software is because of the cutting-edge technology we employ. And that’s because we want the best for our clients. 


At Ordazzle, we use the best-in-breed MACH architecture technology. It is a popular set of technology principles and frameworks behind new technology platforms.


  • (M) Microservices: Ordazzle uses individual pieces of business functionality that are developed, deployed, and managed per your needs. 
  • (A) API-first: All functionalities are exposed and linked through an API, allowing you to tie together two or more services or applications. 
  • (C) Cloud-Native SaaS: With cloud-native capabilities, Ordazzle enables elastic scaling of highly available resources, where functionalities are updated automatically, eliminating the need for dedicated upgrade management.
  • (H) Headless: With a headless front-end user experience, the back-end logic is decoupled from the front-end logic, which allows design freedom in the UI and simplified connections to other channels like mobile applications, IoT, A/R, vending machines, etc.

Moreover, one of the key focus areas of Ordazzle’s e-Commerce solutions is to ensure that the UI and UX are simple to understand and use. We’ve created our platform to be approachable and intuitive so that users can get from one screen to the next with the fewest clicks, saving time in the process.

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Expand Your Business Footprint with Ordazzle’s e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce is still in its developing stages in India, and that means companies are in a unique position to accelerate their growth and get ahead of their competition.

We at Ordazzle aim to help such businesses find their footing, streamline management, and open up time and resources for things that truly matter. For more information about our e-Commerce solutions, feel free to get in touch.