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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Adopt Omnichannel Retail

      1. Reasons Why Your Brand Should Adopt Omnichannel Retail
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Owing to technological disruptions, a general shift in purchasing behaviour, and demanding consumers, the retail sector has become quite competitive, with the main point of contention being customer satisfaction.  

Providing a seamless, user-friendly interface has become so important that even a 5-second delay in load time can push the customer to a competitor’s platform. 

With increasing storefronts, consumer businesses must adopt the omnichannel retail model to provide a consistent experience across all touchpoints their customers use to interact with their brand.

But the customer experience is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are 6 more reasons why an omnichannel model, supported by the right e-Commerce solution, can work wonders for your business.

Reasons Why Your Brand Should Adopt Omnichannel Retail

  1. Improved Customer Retention

Today, customers often browse through several touchpoints before making a purchase decision. With an omnichannel approach, brands can create cross-channel sales and marketing strategies that can improve their visibility and experience, which can ultimately lead to a better retention rate. 

For instance, you can leverage omnichannel retail to garner customer loyalty. You can launch a rewards program as a part of your omnichannel experience, enabling customers to log into their accounts through a desktop or mobile device and locate physical stores, scan in-store items for billing, earn reward points that can be redeemed across channels, and even watch tutorials and how-to-use videos. 

  1. Reduced Inventory Costs

With omnichannel retailing, you get to synchronize your data across different channels, making order handling much faster and easier. 

Using a channel management system like Ordazzle can save both time and energy that would have otherwise been wasted on staffing and warehousing. As a result, retail managers can do their job in a more structured and streamlined way

  1. Strong Brand Image

Customers value brands that provide a consistently satisfying experience across all channels, from the first login to the whole buying experience and post-purchase support. Such an exciting and reliable experience can go a long way in building a robust and unified brand image. 

For instance, many brands today opt for building frictionless app experiences with intuitive elements to improve journeys across online and physical channels. In a nutshell, it’s like building a flawless ecosystem that customers can tune into whenever they want to shop. 

Such an ecosystem also allows conveniences like online order placement, which you can then collect in-store. Product availability can also be checked on the app without your customers having to search the entire store. 

  1. More selling opportunities

Cross-channel and omnichannel retail strategies provide you with a lot of customer data that you can leverage to send push notifications, emails, texts, and even direct emails to recommend items, complimentary upgrades, and more. 

For instance, you can promote ship-to-store features, which allow customers to save on delivery costs by allowing them to collect their items in the store, which opens up opportunities for in-store promotions that can help you cross-sell your up-sell your way to another sale, and even trigger impulse buys.

  1. Price Flexibility

For many customers, a good experience trumps the price. In fact, if your service is known to be good, customers will pay more. 

It basically means that businesses can provide high levels of services and high-quality products without worrying about costs. This opens several lucrative opportunities around creative pricing strategies. 

  1. Track and maximize Marketing ROI

Digitally powered omnichannel retailing aids retailers in reaching the right audience at the right time and right place. 

Say, if you are a luxury retailer, you can use the data from your omnichannel e-Commerce solution to target women in the age group of 35-50 years, who stay in a particular upmarket locality and are looking for luxury handbags. 

Yes, such a level of insight and action is possible, thanks to the fact that digital e-Commerce management platforms amass shoppers’ behaviour and demographic data. 

More than anything, omnichannel retail allows you to test campaigns and promotions on a small budget, enabling you to learn from experiments and scale up or down based on the results. 

Lastly, retailers and brand owners have complete control over their investments, which, in turn, gives them confidence to meet their yearly targets.

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Over to You

One thing is pretty clear, given the rising competition and evolving customer expectations, omnichannel is no longer a buzzword or bandwagon trend, it’s become a necessity if retail businesses wish to stay in the game and grow. 

However, doing it all on your own can get your plate full really fast. We at Ordazzle are here to help you with our omnichannel retail e-Commerce solution, comprising multichannel management, order management, and inventory management, which empowers you to establish visibility across all your channels and make the most out of each one of them. 

Make Ordazzle a part of your e-Commerce tech stack today and see an instant efficiency and profitability boost. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our product and its benefits.