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Ordazzle’s Multi-Channel Management Platform: A Key to Unlocking Ecommerce Efficiency and Success

      1. Salient Features of Ordazzle that Make Multi-Channel Management a Breeze
      2. Redefine The Way You Do Ecommerce with Ordazzle’s Multi-channel Management

Today’s customers prefer shopping in more places than ever. So, as social shopping continues to prosper, so will the demand for multichannel e-Commerce. Needless to say, brands today need to get their products across all touchpoints. 

In fact, brands that do see, on average, a 9.5% increase in annual revenue.

However, it’s easier said than done. Retailers face many issues trying to sell their products across diverse channels, varied categories, and disparate IT systems. 

Without a centralized multi-channel management system, order & inventory management can become increasingly complex while business efficiency gets drastically reduced, leading to delays in order deliveries, higher error probability, & ultimately driving customers away to your competition.

This is where Ordazzle marketplace management can prove to be a game changer for your business. 

Read on to find out how our omnichannel management systems can help you streamline the operations of all your touchpoints and bring down cost, downtime, and complexity.

Salient Features of Ordazzle that Make Multi-Channel Management a Breeze

Multi-Channel Management a BreezeOrdazzle simplifies the process of selling online across multiple channels and websites while providing a holistic view of your products, inventories, orders, SLAs, and promotions. It does this all via a single platform, updated in real-time. Here are some of its features in greater focus:

  • Single Source Of Truth For Product Information

With pre-built e-Commerce integrations, Ordazzle enables you to connect and control all your channels through a single interface, making work more organized, efficiencies more optimized, and promotions and monitoring more holistic and accurate. 

In-built modules such as order management, product information management (PIM), product management, and inventory management allow for real-time and automated synchronization, enabling quick and correct listing of products and pricing.  

All in all, it provides a single source of truth for all your product information, synced across all your channels. The best part is that it’s all in compliance with your marketplace’s SLAs, providing enough agility to respond faster to the market without having to worry about rules. 

  • Manage All Your Marketplaces From One Place

Ordazzle’s multi-channel management can simplify marketplace operations with pre-configured integration that links multiple webstores and markets across different countries into one, unified platform. 

Our solution combines stocks, orders, products, and prices from all webstores into a convenient interface that provides full visibility across all channels. This enables you to fulfill orders efficiently, making sure you take advantage of every sales opportunity. 

With a comprehensive API stack, Ordazzle facilitates seamless integration with Amazon, Zalora, Shopee, Lazada, BliBli, and Tokopedia, along with webstores like Shopify and Magento.

  • Consolidate Inventory Spread Across All Channels

Ordazzle’s marketplace management, with its seamless integrations with varied e-Commerce channels, allows you to work according to the specific requirements of each marketplace. This lets you easily synchronize essential information like pricing, product catalogs, inventory, and promotion across all connected platforms. 

On top of that, we offer a cohesive and comprehensive view of stock availability at different supply chain junctions, order fulfillment and cancellations, and logistics and reverse logistics. 

Lastly, our platform prevents underunder- or over-stocking of inventory, reduces fulfillment friction, and helps you achieve better brand loyalty by providing systematic, order-wise reconciliation of discounts, charges, and expected accounts against the actual payout of each order. 

  • Align Promotions and Pricing To Grow Sales 

Ordazzle allows you to determine relevant, channel-specific discounts and promotions by providing comprehensive visibility into all available and active promotions through its unified dashboard. 

Moreover, our in-build promotions engine also helps you efficiently push relevant promotions across any marketplace, in line with each platform’s promotional capabilities.

Ultimately, Ordazzle’s multi-channel management system provides an all-in-one solution for omnichannel management that empowers businesses to effectively handle multiple webstores and marketplaces, maintain accurate product numbers and price listings, accurately synchronize promotions, consolidate information, and, at the end of the day, drive profitable sales growth. 

  • Provide a Better Customer Experience

With our multi-channel order, inventory, and promotions management, you’ll be able to provide better, more responsive customer service, including conveniences like flexible delivery options, accurate order tracking, real-time status updates, and easy returns. 

This extra flexibility can provide a smooth customer experience and go a long way toward building lasting customer loyalty.

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Redefine The Way You Do Ecommerce with Ordazzle’s Multi-channel Management

Multichannel selling will continue to enable retail and e-Commerce businesses to sell and earn more. However, when expanding to new channels, growth can be hampered if you don’t have a proper ecommerce management system in place. 

This could inevitably and unwarrantedly put your market reputation at stake, as you run the risk of your orders getting delayed or customer needs going unanswered. 

But you don’t have to worry about such setbacks with Ordazzle. API integrations, data consolidation, unified dashboards, real-time inventory tracking, and updates – Ordazzle’s multi-channel management has got it all. 

Be prepared for the multi-channel selling challenges with solutions built specifically for your business. Get in touch with Ordazzle, a leading e-Commerce solutions company in the market, and start streamlining today.