ordazzle smart order management

Why e-commerce businesses need a smart OMS?

Repeat business and loyalty depend not just on the customer’s shopping experience on an e-commerce platform, but also when and how the orders are fulfilled and delivered. Customers increasingly demand faster delivery and better support, especially in cases of returns or cancellations, making SLA compliance critical to the success of an e-commerce business.

Here, as the volumes of online e-commerce transactions continue to increase exponentially, manual order processing can significantly impact businesses’ efficiency, veracity, and timeliness in satisfying their customers’ needs. Accepting, managing, and processing orders, returns and cancellations effectively and accurately is paramount for e-commerce business. Hence, automating the entire process of order management and fulfilment with an efficient and smart Order Management System helps not only manage costs and operational efforts better but also improve the profitability of an e-commerce business significantly, while ensuring unprecedented customer delight.

Orders are never ignored

When manually managed, there is always the possibility of teams missing out on accepting or registering incoming orders, especially during peak periods. With an OMS, you reduce the chances of any mistakes on any incoming orders. An efficient, automated system provides you with a competitive advantage when it comes to keeping track of orders and processing these on time.

Human errors are reduced

A manual or a disjointed order processing system is usually high-maintenance and necessitates human intervention at all stages. Thus, frequently resulting in avoidable human errors, especially while operating at high speed and volumes. An integrated, automated order management system not only optimises operational efficiencies but also drives a smoother customer experience.

Picking and packing is done swiftly

Seamlessly integrated with inventory, a smart order management system allows you to monitor thousands of concurrent orders in real-time, while efficiently managing a multitude of orders at various stages of the process across channels, nodes and warehouses, and in transit. Rule-based automation streamlines hours and days worth of efforts into seconds with transparency and availability of the right information at the right time for the right action.

Inventory updates in real-time

With a smart OMS, you can synchronise your entire order fulfilment process with inventory and logistics processes automatically. When an order is accepted in the OMS system, the corresponding stock is instantly allocated to the order, initiating the logistical operations automatically, giving you real-time visibility of your inventory and control on the future output.

Improving customer experience

As your order fulfilment process is automated with complete integration with inventory and logistics management, delivery accuracy and SLA compliance are empowered to meet customer expectations. The automation ensures error-free and timely operations while the efficiencies the system brings enable the customer engagement and support functions to manage customers’ experiences much better.

Enable insights with advanced analytics

A smart and efficient order management system ensures seamless access to relevant data that can be processed with advanced analytics to generate meaningful, actionable insights. These insights help e-commerce companies to make better business decisions based on relevant data points, adapt to evolving trends, and improving the efficiency of the underlying processes.

Improved employee productivity

Using a smart order management system to replace manual processes has a positive impact on your personnel as well. As your business grows, employees won’t have to adjust slow manual processes to meet greater demand. They’ll be able to focus on the most crucial component of your company – addressing customer needs and expectations.

A smart order management system positively influences e-commerce success. With increased avenues of automation across the whole process, an e-commerce business can revolutionise the way it manages its orders and gain a significant competitive edge in the market.

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